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Congratulations to the Team
Stepping into a new position is an exciting feat, and as Parapet Family we are delighted you have this opportunity. Knowing you, you’ll shine more in this new role than you already do. Congratulations on your new appointments.
Parapet’s Secret House Cleaning Hacks!

Is cleaning your house a chore that ta

Who NEEDS professional cleaning services anyway

Picture this… It’s Monday morning, a new week and you are rearing to GO!

Passionate about cleaning

Remember that party, picnic, dinner you hosted or your friend hosted and you couldn’t keep up with the cooking, clean

WCW – Isis Nyongo-Madison

We live in a country full of amazing people who have made concerted efforts towards empowering fellow Kenyans.

Celebrating our own #WCW

Before Esther Wandia became the Executive Assistant to our Group CEO she was actually a fashion model.

Message from Parapet CEO: I am proudly Kenyan

On Tuesday the 8th of August, 2017, I exercised the privilege I have as a Kenyan to vote and I am glad I di

Exercise your civil right with caution

Every five years, Kenya as a sovereign

The Final Cog

Planning events is an exciting yet stressful affair. The planners and managers just want to get everything right.


Parapet Group stands as a leading Integrated Facilities Management company in East Africa. For over 25 years, we have provided spotless and sound, work and living places through a blend of profoundly prepared staff and exceptional customer service.