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The Final Cog

The Final Cog

Planning events is an exciting yet stressful affair. The planners and managers just want to get everything right. From the budgets to the date and time, to the guests, the theme, décor, all the details. When the event day arrives, it’s exciting to have everything fall into place, with a smoothly flowing program to boot. Every event planner knows the headiness of compliments for a job well done. The cheques thereafter make the deal even sweeter.

There is a flip side to it though. After all the good work, the celebrations and glamour, there is almost always no one to clean up after everybody goes home. Most event venues are left looking like a hot mess, with trash strewn all over the place and items in disarray. This is the Achilles heel of most event planners. They usually put everything in place and miss out on the final cog in the events wheel; events cleaning services.

Truth be told, whether celebrations are held indoors or outdoors, no matter the number of guests, nobody likes to stay back and clean up. People love to enjoy themselves and move on to the next function, no hard feelings.

This is why it is important for all event planners to include a clean-up plan during event planning. The aim is to use a clean venue and leave it as clean or even cleaner than it was before. Having an idea of who will take care of event cleaning duties makes all the difference in terms of quality of work for the event planners.

The cleaning company chosen for doing the events cleaning should ideally be able to;-

  • Clean the full site before the event
  • Do cleaning touch-ups during the event
  • Provide washroom and sanitary solutions
  • Provide garbage and waste management
  • Provide help/stewardship to the guests as needed
  • Clean the full site after the event

Having a plan or supplier for events cleaning gives any function a feeling of completeness and makes everything seem tight with no loose ends. Interestingly, event planners who are known for leaving the venues clean and tidy tend to find it easy to book venues and even get discounts from the proprietors as their reputations precede them.

Of course, while choosing the events cleaning supplier, it is important to consider their capacity, track record and cost. One of our bragging points as Parapet is that we’ve managed to hit that sweet spot that combines the three features for our clients. We have an amazing track record of cleaning events, with our most recently satisfied client being the IAAF Championships held at the Kasarani Stadium in July 2017.

We were in charge of cleaning the VIP areas, the media center, the bathrooms and toilets, the red carpet and track as well as the walkways, especially the ones with wooden floors. We were also in charge of cleaning the Athlete’s Village, the Athletes’ hostel that had a capacity of 2000 people, the dining areas as well as the outdoor areas in Kenyatta University where the athletes were lodging. We had an army of 500 cleaners on site and this capacity made it easy for us to divide roles and have everything running like clockwork to ensure high levels of hygiene and sanitation before, during and after the week-long event. For a 5-day event, we ensured that we set up three days before and tore down during the three days after, in order to ensure that we left the venues clean and tidy, even better than before we came in.

This definitely added value for us as the events cleaning supplier and the event planner, IAAF.

The small cogs in the wheel make all the difference for any machine to run smoothly and events cleaning is one such cog in planning for a successful event. Check out our services and give us a call. We will be sure to make your event sparkle as well as possibly make you the preferred event planner in your domain!

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