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What if I told you, you were doing cleaning all wrong? We all seem to have a formula when it comes to cleaning, one passed down from one generation to another. While there is no one size fits all in life, I beg to differ when it comes to cleaning. This article will allow you to see some of the mistakes you make when it comes to cleaning, consciously or unconsciously. All we ask as you go ahead is an open mind.

Here are 10 Common mistakes made when it comes to cleaning

1. Bottom up method

This is when one starts cleaning from the lower surfaces to higher surfaces instead of vice versa. It is always advisable to start with top surfaces so that any particle that falls to the ground is swept or wiped away when cleaning the floor, ensuring that the whole house is clean as opposed to when one starts with the floor and then goes to top surfaces pouring particles on the floor.

2. Grimy Gear

Using dirty mops and surface clothes only adds to an already dirty surface beating the purpose of achieving a clean space. A good practice to adopt is to always ensure the tools you use for cleaning are rinsed and washed immediately after using this ensures the next time you want to use it, it is ready for use.

3. One rag fit all

While there is a temptation to use one rag for all surfaces and all the cleaning rag we forget that at times what we are doing is moving one bacterium from one station to the next. It is healthier and safer to ensure there is a rag allocated for the various places.

4. Ignoring drains and sinks

While these two places are considered the last when it comes to cleaning and dumping dirty water it is very important; we make sure that they is well maintained. Its from unmaintained drains that our houses start having bad odours as well as become a breeding ground for cockroaches. One simple remedy is to ensure you pour clean water after draining dirty water and boiling water once in while to ensure it remains clean and fresh.

5. Rubbing instead of blotting stains

While there is normally the panic of sustaining stains when we spill something, it is important to ensure that we avoid rubbing. This causes it to spread further into the fabric as well as push the stain to a larger part, causing more damage. Instead, blot the stain, which includes placing an absorbent material on the stain and pressing against it.

6. Disinfecting before cleaning

While this might look like the right way to go, disinfectant is normally meant to get rid of unseen germs and requires time to stay on the surface. It is important to clean the area first in order to remove the debris and dirt, Once the surface is clean, apply disinfectant to ensure you kill all the germs.

7. Ignoring touch areas

Very rarely do we remember to clean our door knobs or switch areas, which are part of the touch areas in our houses. This means there is bacteria left on these surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people, causing bacteria to spread. Next time you are cleaning, do not forget to wash those handles and wipe down those switches.

8. Spraying furniture polish directly to furniture

This causes the wood to absorb the polish, leading to discoloration of the furniture. It is therefore advised to first spray the polish onto a rag, then polish the surface. This not only allows the material to spread evenly but also helps to avoid damaging the furniture.

9. Allow material time to set

While it is easy to apply cleaning solutions and get right to it with the cleaning, this does not allow the material time to do its job. It’s advised to leave a solution for three to ten minutes before cleaning it.

10. Skipping regular maintenance

Not maintaining your space regularly leads to dirt buildup, and this can make it look like a lot of work to do in the long run. It is advised to create a cleaning schedule that allows you to be able to clean regularly, reducing the work load.

Now that you are in the know, go forth and enjoy the clean. If you are more keen on enjoying yourself than cleaning feel free to let the experts do it for you.

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