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Domestic Services


Domestic Services

When it comes to area rugs, don’t settle for anything less than a professional rug cleaning. Sure, it may be tempting to tackle the problem yourself, but that plan could backfire. Why? Because area rugs require a gentle but effective approach to cleaning. Parapet is a professional rug cleaner with trained technicians who know how to handle the delicate fibers in your rug. Unfortunately, too many people attempt to clean their own area rugs. Do-it-yourselfers often damage their rugs either because they scrub too hard or because they use the wrong cleaning solutions and utensils. Your area rugs are much too special—and often too costly—to take that risk.

Create beautiful memories for your flying passengers. Let them experience heavenly spaces while off the grounds.

Parapet’s forte is in bringing your aircrafts back to their original look with our custom detailing services. Paying special attention to every inch of your aircraft’s interior and exterior, the end of our detailed cleaning will leave nothing but your most desired look and feel.

Paying special attention to every inch of your car’s interior and exterior, the end of our detailed wash will leave you with nothing but your most desired look and shape of your aircraft and also offer you expert advice on how to maintain and extend the life of the same.

Our magic touch guarantees the protection of  the surfaces through the use of high degree powered equipment and professional methodology. Enjoy hygienic, luxurious flights enriched by our magical touch of crisp cleanness!

  • As Parapet we normally pay particular attention to the following dirt traps and make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned out: Parapet Cleaning tips#
    • catering equipment runners
    • bar box recesses
    • floor of catering container compartments
    • sink drain pipes (frequently blocked)
    • drinking-fountain wastes and bottle top remover recesses
    • lavatory cupboards
    • first-aid stowage holds.

There you have it, now go ahead and confirm that flight trip, that business abroad? Yes, your aircraft will hack it and we will restore its urban look.Top of Form

Our domestic floor sanding service is perfect for homeowners looking to restore the beauty and longevity of their residential floors. Over time, domestic floors can suffer from wear, scratches, and fading due to daily activities, pets, and furniture movement. Our expert team specialises in rejuvenating tired floors through professional sanding techniques.

Fumigation is the most effective technique used for controlling pests. Parapets' home, school and office fumigation and pest control is very effective in getting rid of roaches’, bedbugs, termites, rats and snakes among others.

Why are we different?

  • We perform a professional pest control inspection before starting the treatment.
  • We estimate the type and the level of pest infestation to ensure the most effective method and substances are used.
  • We will deliver post-treatment, if necessary until full pest elimination is achieved!
  • Our services comply with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations, meaning that our fumigants will be used safely around your property.
  • We give you recommendations on how to protect your property from future infestation.
  • Our fumigation specialists will revisit you approximately two weeks later to observe the process and ensure success.

You can be rest assured that our professional team will eliminate all pests from your property so that you can love where you work, live and play.



Our domestic gardening and landscaping services are designed to bring your residential outdoor spaces to life. Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling estate, our team of experienced professionals is here to transform your vision into reality. We offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs, from regular lawn maintenance, trimming, and fertilisation to the installation of stunning flower gardens, water features, and outdoor living spaces. 


Parapet's professional house cleaning service pays keen attention to every nook and cranny in your home ensuring no crevice is left untouched. Our well trained, highly motivated and specialised housekeeping team goes top to bottom leaving your house with a clean and fresh feeling.
The team will do away with all cobwebs, pay a close attention to all shelves and ceilings, restore the best look to your furniture as well as leave your kitchen, bathroom and lavatories impeccably clean.
Had visitors yesterday? Hosting some next weekend? the Parapet touch assures you of sufficient peace of mind needed to focus on other tasks leaving the clean-up business to the experts!
If you are looking for tailor made cleaning solutions from the professionals customized to fit every budget, look no further – Parapet, the home of distinction and excellence


With our domestic swimming pool cleaning service, you can spend more time enjoying your home pool and less time worrying about its maintenance. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of keeping your pool clean, clear, and ready for swimming.



Parapet Group stands as a leading Integrated Facilities Management company in East Africa. For over 25 years, we have provided spotless and sound, work and living places through a blend of profoundly prepared staff and exceptional customer service.