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Passionate about cleaning

Passionate about cleaning

Remember that party, picnic, dinner you hosted or your friend hosted and you couldn’t keep up with the cooking, cleaning, hosting, toasting? Or how hard it was to remain calm, balanced and connected in the middle of all the activity? Or wanting to be a better host if you could just get things organized and keep them on track? Or the epic clean up after everyone has left? Or having to restock supplies in the bathroom but you couldn’t find key things like soap and tissue? We know you do!

Planning and executing events alone is hectic; There’s a whole checklist that has to be completed and kept going including planning, event design, setup, positioning things, constant clearance of used items, supplies top up and clean up when things are done and so many more. These are the elements that ensure a great guest experience but cannot be done by the hosts alone.

Hosting is made easier if you have help to keep things in place. What kind of help? Help to ensure that your guests are happy and comfortable in a clean environment that they have the best experience ever and they will gladly attend the next one in a heartbeat. This includes food, drinks, entertainment and ambience.

Ambience is maintained by an efficient clean-up crew that loves its job and will ensure all facilities are spotless and clutter free to ensure the guest experience is mind blowing and so unforgettable. We at Parapet Cleaning Services are that crew. We choose to partner with event hosts to provide unmatched, integrated world class cleaning services in ways that allow us to do what we love; cleaning, while we help others enjoy life and create great, lasting memories.

2017 has given us with great opportunities to support many exciting events as the official cleaning sponsor. This allows us to take charge of cleaning, clearance and disposal to provide a pristine event space. This ensures that no guest has to sit in a cluttered space hence they enjoy themselves thoroughly as well as helps buy ambien cheap online event hosts comply with the global environment cleaning standards.

Some of the events that stand a head above the rest are The Safaricom Jazz Festival, Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon, The Koroga Festival and Jameson Connects Kenya 2017.

The Safaricom Jazz Festival is rapidly becoming the nurturing heart of the Kenyan jazz scene as it brings together talented global jazz musicians and makes significant strides to draw jazz closer to fans while uniting music lovers for a good cause. The 5th edition was held on Saturday 4th November 2017 at Uhuru Gardens, Langata Road.

The Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon is the flagship project for the "Seeing is Believing," community initiative and is now the largest single day sporting event in Kenya. Standard Chartered Bank works with the International Agency for the Prevention

of Blindness (IAPB) and leading eye care projects to extend long-term impact in areas of need. The Koroga Festival is a two day event sponsored by Capital FM that celebrates the greatest African acts, food and culture. The 20th and biggest edition of the Koroga Festival was held on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2017 at The Carnivore.

Jameson Connects Kenya 2017 is a premium event that blends whiskey, people, culture and fun tied together by performances from international acts, the best local talent, food and drinks from premium vendors, airy hangout spots and interactive gaming spaces.

Our deepest commitment is to delivering the highest quality of service to all making client experiences the best it can be. This then drives us to work daily to grow our teams and service delivery and therefore deliver above expectation every time hence earn and maintain mutual respect from all our customers whether direct or indirect.

We sponsor events because we believe in growing by helping others and paying it forward. It is easy to do something you love and that is why our teams are so engaged, dedicated and diligent. There is something for everyone in our fold so let’s grow together and live life to its fullest.

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