Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week

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Customer service week is a time to celebrate and appreciate the importance of good Customer Service, the people who are at the core of ensuring customer satisfaction and most importantly our customers. As Parapet, we make it a priority to ensure that our customers both internally and externally receive the best from us, and this year’s Customer Service Week was no different.

At the heart of any business, there lies customers who fit into two main categories; external and internal. The external customer is one who uses the company’s products or services but is not part of the organization, and whose needs are to be met through with interaction with the team. The internal customer resides within and is a team member.

They are also the face of the company, in contact with and work to serve the customer’s needs and most importantly strive to exceed expectations every time.
During this year’s Customer Service Week, we chose to live a little and have fun dressing up in a different coloured themed outfit everyday within our departments, and ran a raffle gift selection process to say thank you to our clients. It was a week filled with celebration, that helped inspire our teams with a renewed sense of commitment

To us good customer service is all about helping our customers have a pleasant and friendly experience as we provide buy zolpidem online cheap services to them and create a conducive environment for our team to thrive. This is because a happy client is a result of a happy team member and vice versa. If our team members are unhappy or under undue pressure, the client experience will be below standard and in the long run it will affect everyone.

During Customer Service Week 2017 we celebrated the team because they are the very heart of our customer satisfaction, for remaining true to our unique system of work and for all the smiles and joy as they stick with it. We celebrated each team member from the newest employee to the longest serving one. We strive to have each team member work through any difficult process or task and never lose heart about his or her capacity to reach and surpass the mark set out for them.

We celebrated our customers by giving discounted services for consistently allowing us to serve them. We celebrated them for staying with us and becoming a connection point for us to reach many others. We thanked them for challenging us to maintain our status of being the best and improve consistently. We are as good as our best customers and team members so we chose to celebrate them; the bedrock of our success. Once again Asante Sana from the depths of our hearts.

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