Parapet’s 7 minute Upholstery Cleaning Hack!

Parapet’s 7 minute Upholstery Cleaning Hack!

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Ugh, it happened again! that pesky stain that will not go away!

We can all agree that buying furniture is an investment that you mull over for months dare we say years, you save up, pin down where you will get the best bargain and style to suit your needs. Let’s be honest there’s a lot to consider since you know its not just a couch/or living room furniture it actually personifies who you are and will be in your living room for years!

After that purchase you bring home the furniture, inspired, you to change the sheers, curtains, the wall color and let go of some pieces of furniture that don’t quite go well with the new purchase.

After a few months, in a household with kids, staining is inevitable. Stains such as Animal stains (Blood, milk) Vegetable stains (tea, coffee), Mineral Stains (writing ink, medicine) are visible on that expensive upholstery! Ordinarily majority of people will attempt to clean the stain without help; end up destroying the fabric for this reason, we recommend procuring professional upholstery cleaning service that is affordable and efficient…. preferably us. Whilst that is ongoing, here is a quick fix tip you can employ to salvage the fabric

You will need:

  • A white sponge (avoid colored sponges tend to color transfer.)
  • Clear bristle brush
  • Baking soda/Sodium bi-carbonate
  • Lemon / Lime
  • A cup of warm water
  • Bowl
  • Vacuum cleaner

Clean it up as soon as it spills- At all times have a white sponge at hand for cleaning the smudge as soon as it occurs to avoid further staining.

  • Mix 5 parts/tablespoons of lemon juice 5 parts/tablespoons of Baking soda and warm water into a bowl
  • Wring off the white sponge and wet the stains
  • Use the clear brush if need be.
  • Leave it to soak for 5 minutes as you attend to other household chores
  • Wipe off with a wet white clean sponge
  • You can let it sit to dry overnight or you can vacuum the next day!
  • You will notice the stains have disappeared and the citrus scent has replaced the stale stench of the stains.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be laborious. With this tip we are certain that you’ll be able to keep your upholstery stain free or better yet you can get in touch with us! We will do the cleaning for you!

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