Parapet MCM 11th September 2017

Parapet MCM 11th September 2017

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This Monday’s Get To Know Me Edition:

Francis Karugah aka Media MK

One of the joys experienced at Parapet Cleaning is when we carry out our duty towards members of our community and then watch them as them jubilantly approve our services. Recently we completed a detailed car cleaning service for Francis Karugah, aka, Media MK. Francis is a professional advertiser for various years and works for a professional advertising agency right here in Nairobi.

It was a pleasure getting to know him more and more. We would like to share our experience of getting to know him with you, so here goes!

So Francis what other nicknames do you go by?
Frankie, Frango, so so many – some just for a select few

Fascinating! Why these two nicknames?
Frankie is from Francis, and some of my nicknames are my from childhood (chukles!)

We appreciate you coming to Parapet for car detailed cleaning, how did you get to know about us?
I used to see signs everywhere, but my first interaction with Parapet was on Twitter and then I called them and thereafter they assigned me an account manager. I must say I respect Parapet’s thoroughness and the outreach, they reached out to me when I was complaining about lack of time to get my car cleaned

Thank you!

When you are not advertising and not cleaning the car, what are you doing?
Just chilling – and watching documentaries or cartoons … I don’t like being outdoor (anymore)

Could you share with us how you got started in your career?
I started as a trainee copywriter about 7 years back … and slowly worked my way into digital advertising two years into the job … and still learning

When you need to clear your head, what do you do?
Usually, my mum’s house … or a random drive – so, sometimes I’ll go and have breakfast in places like Thika – just for the drive

You seem quite young and also it is clear you have been successful so far. What is your secret for success?
Success is relative in this case, I have a long way to go and I’m just in the initial stages of building a career and being set on this path.

Thinking of the bucket list, what top on your list?
SkyDiving, Swimming with Sharks and touring the lakes in Mount Kenya

I trust it is in order to pry a little and ask are you looking for a partner?
Ha ha – well, can i buy clonazepam online let’s just say – now I’m in the market

Ok, so what characteristics does your ideal partner have?
Spontaneity, an open mind – ambition

Other than seeking a partner, dedicating your time to your career and the vanity of this world, what else motivates?
My family – and the need to be a better person

I am sure you have people that you look up to in your life. Would you mind sharing with us who your role model is and why?
Elon Musk. He is always seeking out solutions to make the world a better place – and the fact that he openly discusses his thought process – it’s a beautiful thing to be exposed to those insights
Seeing that your job is in advertising you must be following a lot people in social media, do you have a social media

persona in Kenya you admire? And why this persona?
Maria Popova and her blog (Brain Pickings) – cause of the learnings and articles she is constantly sharing

Do you have a relationship with certain items that belong to you in such a way that you cannot leave the house without them? Which are these items?
Actually I do! It used to be my phone – but I’m slowly learning to leave it behind when I just want to experience life without distraction – now the only thing I can’t leave behind is my lip balm

Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite dress style and why do you like it?
Tee Shirt, Jeans and sneakers! Because it’s comfortable

And now a moment for the private stuff you hardly share. Do you have any embarrassing moments you can talk about?
LOL – nope, not discussing it

What about the best compliment ever received?
Gosh, I can’t say it here – LOL

Ok seems you are a very private person so we will keep it short with a couple few general ones ( wink!)

Thinking of guys and their toys, which is your favorite mobile app and why?
Tumblr – the content curation is amazing and so diverse

Okay, and, what do you love about your car?
The speed!!!!! And the exterior and interior colour

Great! been wonderful chatting and getting to know you!
That’s it folks till the next get to know me edition!

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