Message from Parapet CEO: I am proudly Kenyan

Message from Parapet CEO: I am proudly Kenyan

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On Tuesday the 8th of August, 2017, I exercised the privilege I have as a Kenyan to vote and I am glad I did! In casting my vote, I had the chance to voice my opinion in what I deem to be a critical time for our future generations and more importantly I did this peacefully and in one accord with my fellow brother and sister.

As the CEO of an organization that employs over 4500 staff drawn from almost 43 tribes of this country, I can only stand proud and thank God for the far we have come as a nation. My staff, all very unique and specially placed, represent various ethnicities that each bring an essential component to the success of our organization – Parapet; without whom, we would not be where we are today almost 20 years later.

The General Election on Tuesday went without incident and as we peacefully await the results, I want to urge my fellow Kenyans to believe in our own power and take the lead in building peace in our communities. Kenya is a Country whose richness comes from the diversity of its cultures which bind us in spite of our tribal inhibitions.

Our differences in opinion are what bring out our special blend of diversity building a strong democracy and ultimately, achieve strong economic growth for our future generations.

I am proud to be Kenyan, proud to lead a vibrant, multi-ethnic, amazing team and I am confident that whatever the outcome of the Election, we will remain a peaceful, conscientious people.

”Natukae na Undugu
    Amani na Uhuru,
    Raha tupate na ustawi!”
Alex Nyaga – Group CEO Parapet

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