Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

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At Parapet, we believe in celebrating our own and this edition of the Cleaners’ Digest is no different.

Erick Magambo is the Head of the car detail cleaning team at Parapet and when he is not at work, he loves a game of football or to watch soccer matches with his friends. We wanted to know more about him; what makes him tick.

This jovial fellow who was born in Nandi Hills adores his mom and it is not surprising that he still
has memories about her from when he was quite young. He can actually remember the games they played together after school!

He indulged us some more for our ‘Get To Know Me’ section and being a Monday, he automatically became our #MCM. Learn more about Erick;

Cleaners Digest: Magambo, not a common name, are you named after anyone?
Erick: Yup, my paternal grandfather – God rest his soul in peace
CD:  When was the last time you cried?
Erick: Men technically do not cry but in 2014, you guy! I had just been promoted from steward to head the Car Detailing team with my predecessor having left abruptly so it was baptism by fire! Not to mention the first car I supervised was a brand-new Range Rover… my fren! I didn’t even eat that day! Let’s just say I cried for nothing, it ended pretty well and has been a great journey ever since – 4 years later.
CD:  Do you have kids?
Erick: not yet, but a girl and two boys will do it for me in the future
CD: So does that mean jiko iko? Ama bado ni singles corner?
Erick: Ahhh… she’s very much there, I’m off the shelves banaa (sorry ladies), her name is Dorothy Keya – soon to be Mrs. Dorothy Magambo. The most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes on… smart, sharp, God Fearing, hardworking – what more can The Head of Detailing ask for omera?
CD:  What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Erick: Their dressing. I take time to look good and I appreciate it when people look like they took some time to look good.
CD: Do you have any special talents?
Erick: Yes. I am very good at playing football – to be specific, No. 9 – the guy that scores – Future Sanchez my guy! As you can tell Arsenal is where it stops for me… I don’t care what you say, you cut my veins, utaona tu ARSENALI!
CD: Where were you born?
Erick: Kapsabet, Nandi… Pointy manenos… Kalenjin and Luhya – doesn’t get any better!
CD: Any hobbies?
Erick: Football, Reading and Swimming (Swimming was by force, in Rift Valley, there are many big rivers, you learn or you drown, the latter was not an option for me not to mention showers in my community for men are mostly done in the rivers)
CD: Do you have any siblings?
Erick: yes, 3 sisters and a brother – Erick is no. 2 in the pecking order)
CD: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Erick: Procurement officer – I worked in Dadaab in procurement 2 years ago and I found it very fulfilling!
CD: What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?
Erick: I loved Mathematics, still do… I can crank up numbers in a heartbeat! My worst subject without a second thought was Biology – to this date, I cannot for the life of me explain the impact of mitosis and meiosis on my current life… 
CD: How do you relax after a hard day at work?
Erick: As I answer this, I must mention that this does not in any way take any of my manly points away but an episode of Simply Maria does it for me.
CD: What makes you very angry?
Erick: When I have to repeat instructions over and over again…Oh my! I’m working on my patience though, day by day.
CD: If you had all the money in the world, where would you go?
Erick: The US of A my fren, with my beau Dorothy, land of milk and honey yawa…
CD:  Favorite memory from childhood?
Erick: From a young age, I remember getting from school to a nice warm meal from my mum as she regaled me with tales from her childhood and inspired me on what my future could be – this woman made me who I am today (Wakati huu ningependa kutuma salamu kwa mama mpendwa – Beatrice Isalikho, amazing woman whom I love with my very core)
CD: What motivates you to work hard?
Erick: Seeing my team working together and learning every day gives me the motivation to push them even further in their careers, I was once a steward, just like them, and look at me now and yet; this very element pushes me to do even better.
CD: Favorite meal
Erick: surprise, surprise – rice + madondo, a simple man
CD: What’s the one thing people don’t know about you?
Erick: I am a choir member singing both alto and bass comfortably; I also love motorbikes… my dream is to take the BMW R1200RS for a spin one day
CD: Lastly, Erick, who in our society do you look up to as your role model?
Erick: This will sound cliché, but my boss, the Group CEO of my organization, Mr. Alex Nyaga – I find him to be an incredibly hands-on leader, inspires greatness in all of us and a thought leader on many issues. I could go on, but I am sure a lot of people echo my sentiments.

Something else, Erick loves a good conversation. If there’s a coke and football to push it along, when Arsenal is playing, it’s even better. Now we know a bit more about the guy who is in charge of bringing back curb appeal in our customers’ cars. Stay with us for more stories from the people of Parapet!


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