Exercise your civil right with caution

Exercise your civil right with caution

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Every five years, Kenya as a sovereign state, gets gripped by election fever from various political aspirants running for office and their supporters garnering support for them. Somehow, everyone seems to lose all sense of direction, caution and decorum. This year, things do not seem to be any different either. Even for the most level-headed individuals, it can be hard not to notice and sucked into the political chatter.

This year in Kenya, Tuesday 8th August, 2017 has been gazetted as a public holiday and all eligible voters are urged to go out and exercise their civil right and duty by voting for their preferred candidates.

At Parapet, we are optimistic that these elections will come and go without furore; and that there would be minimal if any, interruptions to business operations and livelihood for the citizens of this great nation.

Having said that, we want to share with you some guidelines on how to conduct yourself during this time;

  • Be mindful of the political conversations you engage in, even online. You might be misquoted and land in unnecessary trouble;
  • To know what queue to be on, please use https://voterstatus.iebc.or.ke to save on time – knowledge IS power;
  • On election day, follow the provided guidelines, vote with order and leave the polling station soon after;
  • Since we know that one’s preferred candidate is a personal right hence there no harm in keeping that information to yourself;
  • Limit movement. Especially, do not plan for travels around this time, for you own safety;
  • Stock up on food and other supplies in advance to ensure you’re not out and about trying to shop when suppliers have closed;
  • Respect other people and their choices, do not get into arguments over differing political stances;
  • Report any suspicious activities to the nearest authorities immediately.
    • In the event of emergencies, the government has provided various hotlines such as;

      • National police service: 112/ 999/ 911
      • National Disaster Operations Center: + 254 20 222 4324 or + 254 20 222 7980

      With this in mind, we wish you all peace, health and safety during this period.

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