Cleaning your Sofa

Cleaning your Sofa

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Cleaning your sofa can be hard and stressful, especially when you don’t do it right. When done right, couches can be cleaned easily using water based detergents. But for that clean finish, and to make sure that the fabric is not damaged, there are cleaning steps that one should follow. That is what we want to look into today.

  1. Pre-condition the fabric

Preconditioners are used to loosen the dirt to make it easy to wash and remove when you shampoo the fabric. However, some of the products in the market may end up discoloring the fabric. It is therefore advisable to do a spot test. What you do is apply or spray the pre conditioner on a spot on the couch. If it doesn’t discolour, then you can safely spray it on the entire surface.

  1. Make a solution of detergent and water

The recommended ratio is 3 parts detergent and 3 parts water. Stir the mixture before you start cleaning your sofa. It is also recommended to do a spot test with this solution so as to ascertain that the solution cannot discolour the fabric. Dip a rag in the solution and rub it on the fabric. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Now, buy clonazepam in canada press a paper towel on the spot to see if dye comes off. If none does, ten you can proceed to clean the sofa.

  1. Prepare to steam vacuum the sofa

This step is fairly easy. There are hand held steam vacuums that can be found online on e-stores. To prepare for vacuuming, unscrew the cap on the tank, pour in the solution prepared above and then reattach the lid.

  1. Apply shampoo evenly on the sofa

Place the nozzle against the fabric and press the button down to release the fabric. Keep the button pressed down as you move the nozzle across the fabric. Make sure that you cover all surfaces of the sofa.

  1. Remove excess detergent

To remove the excess detergent, release the button and move the nozzle once more across the surface of the sofa fabric. This will suck up excess detergent back into the vacuum.

  1. Let the sofa dry

No amount of vacuuming dries the sofa 100%. It is advised that you put the sofa out to air.


Next time you clean your sofa, follow these steps for a pristinely clean sofa that will awe your guests.

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