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Who NEEDS professional cleaning services anyway?

Picture this… It’s Monday morning, a new week and you are rearing to GO! You can feel it in your bones, this week is just going to BE a success!

Cue in your actual Monday…

  1. Friday’s coffee cup just can’t wait to say hello with its signature dark ring around the inside – you know, because your coffee – black brewed, dark roast medium ground Arabica beans, medium strong, no sugar, no milk!
  2. Your waste paper bin – filled and toppled over; close by is the shredder looking like it had a weekend confetti party
  3. Someone opened a new ream of photocopy paper and left the wrapping on the floor
  4. The washrooms? Let’s not paint that picture because the stench alone is enough to make your stomach turn… Not to mention your lovely receptionist already buzzed to let you know your clients are already in the building.

A clean, tidy and well-kept office does more good to your organization than you care to admit and you know you are tired of having to manage these kinds of services.

This is not your core business. This is NOT what you signed up for. Your core work is suffering at the expense of having to manage the non-core BUT very essential services.


If this is you, this blog is dedicated wholeheartedly to you and the rest of the people who think they are saving a shilling or two by managing these services in-house.

Most organizations shy away from investing in professional cleaning services based on the cost not considering the indirect return on investment that we shall proceed to discuss.

  1. Brand Image.

Often and we pray that this is every day, your office will have clients dropping by, friends of employees (hopefully not as we need those billable hours covered with actual work) and/or other new faces.

These people will come and probably stay a few minutes and within those few minutes they will already have formed an opinion about your organization based on their first impressions of the immediate surroundings.

For example if the trash bins are overflowing with paper or the window blinds/curtains are not drawn it will indicate a sense of negligence or laziness. These impressions are then passed to others who may want to do business with your brand. Sometimes this may be assumed as an oversight the long term effects far outweigh you simply dialing up the people who were born to do this, born to make sure your work spaces are spotlessly clean before you set foot into your office and clean up long after you leave – leaving you a fresh slate to work in tomorrow.

Just like Santa’s elves, we work quietly and meticulously paying attention to detail to those less than glorious tasks that ensure your productivity is at its peak, restoring your crowning glory!

The next time you think twice about not hiring us, think of that overpowering washroom that will cost you a potential client

  1. Staff motivation.

Imagine walking to the office and your keypad is dusty, no toilet paper in the washroom, overflowing trash bin… just what does that do in spurring your to be your best that day?

A clean office goes a long way in motivating employees creatively and ultimately translating to the company’s bottom-line.

It ensures the staff are not distracted and remain focused on their day’s tasks. In order to ensure that your staff productivity levels are at their optimum, take this little headache out of their way please?

  1. Health hazards.

You more likely to catch a flu or bacterial infection from work than your home. Why? Aside from the fact that we spend most of our waking moments on the job or in traffic, your office is a public space and it is never guaranteed that your colleagues will all observe high levels of hygiene. Physical contact with things in the office touched by everyone for example door knobs or biometric machines may cause the transmission or development of health complication.

Next time you look at your extension receiver, ask yourself, who has been on this? Has it been sanitized? Door knobs?  Is our working environment clean and rid of elements that would catapult infection?

  1. Saves you time and money.

I don’t know about you but the fact that I can have someone else do the work that’s not on my JD and have me concentrate on my organizations bottom-line just cleaning work gives you and your staff peace of mind. Not to mention the HR payroll nightmare at the end of the month in determining who is on contract and who isn’t; who’s not well and cannot come in today tantamount to having a whole floor not cleaned; terminal dues, leave allowances, name it!

Knowing that you are creating a safe, organized and welcoming working environment means that everyone can get on with their tasks without the burden of having to ensure the office is kept clean. Doing this also reduces potential stress in having to assign cleaning tasks to employees or tension between employees who may deem others as not ‘pulling their weight’ when it comes to keeping the office tidy.

We come in to take care of the essential but non-core activities so you can give your business 100% productivity.

  1. Guaranteed expert service.

Hiring a reputable professional office cleaning services means you can expect the highest standards of cleaning. Cleaning staff who are given expert training and have proper experience will know how to make sure your office is not just surface cleaned but cleaned deeply and thoroughly whilst maintaining your assets by using the best environmentally friendly detergents and innovative tools not to mentioned an empowered workforce!


Still NOT convinced you tough cookie? Call us up, and we’ll have a free, non-committal, chat on how we can significantly improve your output by having us do the dirty work for you! Coffee’s on you first time around though.


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choosing a cleaning company
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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cleaning Company

There are tens of cleaning companies in Kenya. Hence, when it comes to choosing one to contract for a cleaning job, it might be a little tricky. When looking for a cleaning service provider, your choice should not only be driven by cost quoted. You do not want a situation where you settle for a service provider, only for them to damage your property and disappear into thin air when you ask for compensation. It has happened to other people before, and that is why you should proceed with caution. To make an informed decision, there are a couple factors you should consider. Today, we will list 10 of them.



  • The Status of the Company


One question you should ask yourself is; how established is the company? You do not want to contract a briefcase cleaning company that you cannot track in case something goes wrong. How do you determine that a company is established and experienced? From their communication, do they give you cost and quality guarantees? If they do not, then there’s a possibility they will skip town when their service delivery falls way below the promises they had made. You need to be wary of such service providers.



  • The Services the Company Offers


A cleaning company that is well established offers full suite cleaning services. This means that the services run across the scale; domestic and commercial cleaning; indoor and outdoor cleaning; support cleaning services and sanitation services. If the company only offers some services and shies away from the harder and more time consuming tasks, there’s a problem. And that is where you proceed with caution of you settle for them.

  • The Company has Trained Staff


You wouldn’t want to be driven by someone who never went to driving school, or get treated by someone who never set foot in medical school. In the same way, you should insist on getting an assurance that the cleaning crew is trained. Remember, the crew will handle some of your most valued assets. If any damage occurs due to lack of know-how about good cleaning practices, it would be unfortunate. Before contracting a cleaning company, always find out if they train their staff. If they do not, then you should take that as a cue to move on onto the next one.



  • The Company has Certifications and Adheres to Standards


A professional cleaning company has set standards and principles that it adheres to and follows in all its undertakings. When researching on cleaning companies, visit their websites. Have they listed the certifications they have and the standards they follow in their operations? If not, you should look for another company. Also, consider visiting their offices and see if they have these certificates on display. It is standard practice to display your certificates when you get them as proof that you actually passed the vetting and testing processes. Companies with these certifications should come first when you are making your decision.



  • The Company is Committed to Green Cleaning


Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.  It is advisable to ask the company about their cleaning practices. If they use products with harsh ingredients, they will not only damage your property but also put your health at risk in the long run. Do prior research on the eco-friendly cleaning products in the market and find out if the company uses any of them. If not, just look for another company.

In addition to your health, observe if the company has quality protective cleaning gear for their staff. These are the people who use these cleaning products on a daily, hence should have protective gear.



  • Company has Good and Trustable Referrals


“A customer talking about their experience buy brand name ambien online with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” – David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails.


The best source of information about a company is not the company itself but the people it has served as clients and customers. That is why it is good to check out the company reviews before making your decision. You can also seek more information about the company from family and friends. Another good source of this information is the online community. Float your question on the various online communities and see what people say about the company. If it has a bad rep, then you should keep away.

However, as you do this, you should look out for misleading referrals and reviews. If you find reviews which only have generic comments like ‘good job’ or ‘great company’, more often than not, they have been written by people affiliated to the company. A happy client will write about their personal experience with the company.

You should also look out for companies with overly impressive reviews. There’s a common saying that you cannot please everyone. So, if you only find 5 star ratings on the company profile, then there is a high possibility that the reviews are not legit.



  • The Company is Willing to Accommodate your Needs


A work guidebook shouldn’t lock you down to only one way of doing things. A professional cleaning company tailors its services to suit the client’s needs. All clients have unique needs depending on their preferences and wants. If the company is not willing to adapt to these needs, then you should not consider them. You need a company that will follow your instructions and guidelines on how you like to have things done.

The company should also have equipment best suited for your goods and property. For example, the products and equipment used in cleaning different carpet fabrics differ.



  • The Company Treats its Workers like Valuable Assets


You can tell whether or not a person enjoys what they do by their body language. Take time to visit the offices or sites where you can find their staff. Observe how they carry out their tasks. You can also talk to some and ask about their work. A passionate person always has a way of lighting up when they talk about their work. You do not want someone who doesn’t like what they do cleaning your home, office, car or mowing your lawn. Problems are bound to arise in such cases.



  • Quotation/Onboarding does not Feel Rushed


If they are quick to ask about when you’ll write that cheque or wire the cash, forget you ever considered them. The company representative should pay attention to any questions you might have about their services and even give guidance because after all, they are the cleaning experts. The questions about payment should come later. Remember, when you call them, you are considering them. It is therefore their task to prove that they are the best choice for you. If they only want to serve you for the money you’ll pay thereafter, then you should continue shopping for a cleaning company.



  • No Hidden Fees or Charges


Last but not least, a professional cleaning company has no hidden fees. Whatever they quote when you first get in touch is what they stick to throughout the delivery of the services. There have been cases where people contracted a company and got a quote, only for the cost to double once they had delivered the services. And to hold you at ransom, they hold the property until clients have paid the whole amount. Keep your eye out for such crooks.

If the scope of the services doesn’t change but the cost ping pongs, you should run for the hills. Really, run for the hills.

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