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Congratulations to the Team

Stepping into a new position is an exciting feat, and as Parapet Family we are delighted you have this opportunity. Knowing you, you’ll shine more in this new role than you already do. Congratulations on your new appointments.

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Parapet’s Secret House Cleaning Hacks!

Is cleaning your house a chore that takes you hours to complete? To most people, it requires a full day set aside to clean up. However, even after setting aside time to do the cleaning, people get stuck wondering where to begin. Without proper planning, you may miss on various aspects of cleaning or fail to determine what part of your home needs more attention than the other.

More often than not, most people pay attention to more places than others. That is why we highly recommend procuring the services of professional cleaning services that is not only affordable but efficient…preferably us.

Here are a few tips that guarantee that your home is always clean.

  1. Keep your waste disposal area fresh.

When life hands you lemons, clean! To quickly clean a smelly disposal, drop lemon or orange peels down the drain. You don’t have to rely on artificial air fresheners. Lemons have an incredible versatility that makes them much more flavorful add-on to our favorite meals and drinks. The acidity of these bright fruits make them highly efficient cleaning agents. If you get irritated by the bad smell, this will bring an end to your problem.

  1. Get your dusting done.

Ever used a feather duster before? It consists typically of a wooden-dowel handle and feathers from either the male or female ostrich bird that are wound onto the handle by a wrapped wire. These dusters are really efficient, especially for cleaning blinds, pictures and hard to reach areas. They’re also great for routine dusting or to quickly clean a room before company comes. When you get a random call from a friend who wants to visit, this hack is for you.

  1. Go the Shiny Steel Way.

While stainless steel is beautiful, efficient and stain-resistant, it can also be a quick indicator of show smudges and fingerprints. One way to clean and maintain it is by pouring mineral oil on a cloth and wiping it across your countertops, sinks and other surfaces. Mineral oil repels water and increases resistance, preventing sticky materials from attaching to the steel and cutting down on your future cleaning time. It will also save you the cost of buying hard stain removers which are not always guaranteed to work.

  1. Get rid of the sticky scum.

Isn’t soap scum such a pain? It can be difficult to get rid of. Scrapping it off with a knife will take half the time it would take to rub it off with a sponge. To prevent future build up, switch to synthetic liquid or gel soaps, which are less likely to form scum than bar soaps. It will save you from future scum-scraping and will remain squeaky clean even after a shower. Drying the tub and shower removes residue left after use and the soap scum is wiped away before it has a chance to adhere to the tub or shower.

  1. Attend to your windows.

Using a paper towel and window cleaner doesn’t always give the best results. If your windows are small, use newspaper to clean the glass to avoid streaks. If your windows are particularly large, the best approach is to use a squeegee. This cuts down on time and helps you reach the edges where a lot of dust can build up.

Cleaning is an essential activity that has to be done regularly. However, it doesn’t have to be tedious and dull; it can be fun when done properly. With these tips in mind, we know that keeping your fresh and clean will be easier. Try one, two or maybe…or you could just get in touch with us instead and we’ll do the cleaning for you., 0788 888 748,



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Who NEEDS professional cleaning services anyway?

Picture this… It’s Monday morning, a new week and you are rearing to GO! You can feel it in your bones, this week is just going to BE a success!

Cue in your actual Monday…

  1. Friday’s coffee cup just can’t wait to say hello with its signature dark ring around the inside – you know, because your coffee – black brewed, dark roast medium ground Arabica beans, medium strong, no sugar, no milk!
  2. Your waste paper bin – filled and toppled over; close by is the shredder looking like it had a weekend confetti party
  3. Someone opened a new ream of photocopy paper and left the wrapping on the floor
  4. The washrooms? Let’s not paint that picture because the stench alone is enough to make your stomach turn… Not to mention your lovely receptionist already buzzed to let you know your clients are already in the building.

A clean, tidy and well-kept office does more good to your organization than you care to admit and you know you are tired of having to manage these kinds of services.

This is not your core business. This is NOT what you signed up for. Your core work is suffering at the expense of having to manage the non-core BUT very essential services.


If this is you, this blog is dedicated wholeheartedly to you and the rest of the people who think they are saving a shilling or two by managing these services in-house.

Most organizations shy away from investing in professional cleaning services based on the cost not considering the indirect return on investment that we shall proceed to discuss.

  1. Brand Image.

Often and we pray that this is every day, your office will have clients dropping by, friends of employees (hopefully not as we need those billable hours covered with actual work) and/or other new faces.

These people will come and probably stay a few minutes and within those few minutes they will already have formed an opinion about your organization based on their first impressions of the immediate surroundings.

For example if the trash bins are overflowing with paper or the window blinds/curtains are not drawn it will indicate a sense of negligence or laziness. These impressions are then passed to others who may want to do business with your brand. Sometimes this may be assumed as an oversight the long term effects far outweigh you simply dialing up the people who were born to do this, born to make sure your work spaces are spotlessly clean before you set foot into your office and clean up long after you leave – leaving you a fresh slate to work in tomorrow.

Just like Santa’s elves, we work quietly and meticulously paying attention to detail to those less than glorious tasks that ensure your productivity is at its peak, restoring your crowning glory!

The next time you think twice about not hiring us, think of that overpowering washroom that will cost you a potential client

  1. Staff motivation.

Imagine walking to the office and your keypad is dusty, no toilet paper in the washroom, overflowing trash bin… just what does that do in spurring your to be your best that day?

A clean office goes a long way in motivating employees creatively and ultimately translating to the company’s bottom-line.

It ensures the staff are not distracted and remain focused on their day’s tasks. In order to ensure that your staff productivity levels are at their optimum, take this little headache out of their way please?

  1. Health hazards.

You more likely to catch a flu or bacterial infection from work than your home. Why? Aside from the fact that we spend most of our waking moments on the job or in traffic, your office is a public space and it is never guaranteed that your colleagues will all observe high levels of hygiene. Physical contact with things in the office touched by everyone for example door knobs or biometric machines may cause the transmission or development of health complication.

Next time you look at your extension receiver, ask yourself, who has been on this? Has it been sanitized? Door knobs?  Is our working environment clean and rid of elements that would catapult infection?

  1. Saves you time and money.

I don’t know about you but the fact that I can have someone else do the work that’s not on my JD and have me concentrate on my organizations bottom-line just cleaning work gives you and your staff peace of mind. Not to mention the HR payroll nightmare at the end of the month in determining who is on contract and who isn’t; who’s not well and cannot come in today tantamount to having a whole floor not cleaned; terminal dues, leave allowances, name it!

Knowing that you are creating a safe, organized and welcoming working environment means that everyone can get on with their tasks without the burden of having to ensure the office is kept clean. Doing this also reduces potential stress in having to assign cleaning tasks to employees or tension between employees who may deem others as not ‘pulling their weight’ when it comes to keeping the office tidy.

We come in to take care of the essential but non-core activities so you can give your business 100% productivity.

  1. Guaranteed expert service.

Hiring a reputable professional office cleaning services means you can expect the highest standards of cleaning. Cleaning staff who are given expert training and have proper experience will know how to make sure your office is not just surface cleaned but cleaned deeply and thoroughly whilst maintaining your assets by using the best environmentally friendly detergents and innovative tools not to mentioned an empowered workforce!


Still NOT convinced you tough cookie? Call us up, and we’ll have a free, non-committal, chat on how we can significantly improve your output by having us do the dirty work for you! Coffee’s on you first time around though.


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Passionate about cleaning

Remember that party, picnic, dinner you hosted or your friend hosted and you couldn’t keep up with the cooking, cleaning, hosting, toasting? Or how hard it was to remain calm, balanced and connected in the middle of all the activity? Or wanting to be a better host if you could just get things organized and keep them on track? Or the epic clean up after everyone has left? Or having to restock supplies in the bathroom but you couldn’t find key things like soap and tissue? We know you do!

Planning and executing events alone is hectic; There’s a whole checklist that has to be completed and kept going including planning, event design, setup, positioning things, constant clearance of used items, supplies top up and clean up when things are done and so many more. These are the elements that ensure a great guest experience but cannot be done by the hosts alone.

Hosting is made easier if you have help to keep things in place. What kind of help? Help to ensure that your guests are happy and comfortable in a clean environment that they have the best experience ever and they will gladly attend the next one in a heartbeat. This includes food, drinks, entertainment and ambience.

Ambience is maintained by an efficient clean-up crew that loves its job and will ensure all facilities are spotless and clutter free to ensure the guest experience is mind blowing and so unforgettable. We at Parapet Cleaning Services are that crew. We choose to partner with event hosts to provide unmatched, integrated world class cleaning services in ways that allow us to do what we love; cleaning, while we help others enjoy life and create great, lasting memories.

2017 has given us with great opportunities to support many exciting events as the official cleaning sponsor. This allows us to take charge of cleaning, clearance and disposal to provide a pristine event space. This ensures that no guest has to sit in a cluttered space hence they enjoy themselves thoroughly as well as helps buy ambien cheap online event hosts comply with the global environment cleaning standards.

Some of the events that stand a head above the rest are The Safaricom Jazz Festival, Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon, The Koroga Festival and Jameson Connects Kenya 2017.

The Safaricom Jazz Festival is rapidly becoming the nurturing heart of the Kenyan jazz scene as it brings together talented global jazz musicians and makes significant strides to draw jazz closer to fans while uniting music lovers for a good cause. The 5th edition was held on Saturday 4th November 2017 at Uhuru Gardens, Langata Road.

The Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon is the flagship project for the "Seeing is Believing," community initiative and is now the largest single day sporting event in Kenya. Standard Chartered Bank works with the International Agency for the Prevention

of Blindness (IAPB) and leading eye care projects to extend long-term impact in areas of need. The Koroga Festival is a two day event sponsored by Capital FM that celebrates the greatest African acts, food and culture. The 20th and biggest edition of the Koroga Festival was held on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2017 at The Carnivore.

Jameson Connects Kenya 2017 is a premium event that blends whiskey, people, culture and fun tied together by performances from international acts, the best local talent, food and drinks from premium vendors, airy hangout spots and interactive gaming spaces.

Our deepest commitment is to delivering the highest quality of service to all making client experiences the best it can be. This then drives us to work daily to grow our teams and service delivery and therefore deliver above expectation every time hence earn and maintain mutual respect from all our customers whether direct or indirect.

We sponsor events because we believe in growing by helping others and paying it forward. It is easy to do something you love and that is why our teams are so engaged, dedicated and diligent. There is something for everyone in our fold so let’s grow together and live life to its fullest.

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Customer Service Week

Customer service week is a time to celebrate and appreciate the importance of good Customer Service, the people who are at the core of ensuring customer satisfaction and most importantly our customers. As Parapet, we make it a priority to ensure that our customers both internally and externally receive the best from us, and this year’s Customer Service Week was no different.

At the heart of any business, there lies customers who fit into two main categories; external and internal. The external customer is one who uses the company’s products or services but is not part of the organization, and whose needs are to be met through with interaction with the team. The internal customer resides within and is a team member.

They are also the face of the company, in contact with and work to serve the customer’s needs and most importantly strive to exceed expectations every time.
During this year’s Customer Service Week, we chose to live a little and have fun dressing up in a different coloured themed outfit everyday within our departments, and ran a raffle gift selection process to say thank you to our clients. It was a week filled with celebration, that helped inspire our teams with a renewed sense of commitment

To us good customer service is all about helping our customers have a pleasant and friendly experience as we provide buy zolpidem online cheap services to them and create a conducive environment for our team to thrive. This is because a happy client is a result of a happy team member and vice versa. If our team members are unhappy or under undue pressure, the client experience will be below standard and in the long run it will affect everyone.

During Customer Service Week 2017 we celebrated the team because they are the very heart of our customer satisfaction, for remaining true to our unique system of work and for all the smiles and joy as they stick with it. We celebrated each team member from the newest employee to the longest serving one. We strive to have each team member work through any difficult process or task and never lose heart about his or her capacity to reach and surpass the mark set out for them.

We celebrated our customers by giving discounted services for consistently allowing us to serve them. We celebrated them for staying with us and becoming a connection point for us to reach many others. We thanked them for challenging us to maintain our status of being the best and improve consistently. We are as good as our best customers and team members so we chose to celebrate them; the bedrock of our success. Once again Asante Sana from the depths of our hearts.

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WCW – Isis Nyongo-Madison

We live in a country full of amazing people who have made concerted efforts towards empowering fellow Kenyans. This week, we feature Isis Nyong’o-Madison, who is the Co-founder of Mums Village, an online community that provides resources, support and expert advice for pregnant women and parents in Kenya.

You may know her as a media and technology entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Currently the Principal at strategic advisory firm Asphalt & Ink and Senior Advisor at Albright Stonebridge Group, she has previously worked with InMobi, Google and MTV in Africa.

Isis has been named as one of the top 40 women under 40 in Kenya for several years as well as shortlisted on the Forbes Top 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa, on IT News Africa’s Top 10 Women in ICT and Africa’s most powerful women in tech 2013, selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2012.

But today, Today – we focus on her work with Mum’s Village.

The work done by Mums Village is one that we admire and support. Get to know a little bit more about the co-founder in this week’s #WCW feature.

1. Isis – beautiful name by the way? Any nicknames? Eye-so? Eye-sie? Izzay? lol… indulge us *chuckles* No unfortunately or fortunately (going by your suggestions) I don’t have any.

2. You run a very important cause, tell us what inspired you to start this cause? I created Mums Village based on the need that many women – in Kenya and on global online platforms need support from other women who’ve gone before them on matters family, health and societal standards amongst other topical issues rarely discussed. Mums Village then is the platform through which we can reach out to women via Facebook and other digital channels where they have access to local content and experts who can provide information, support and much needed humor.

3. How long have you been running Mums Village? I have been running Mums Village since 2015 – 2 years and still going strong!

4. It seems like we DO have something in common – Cleaning. Through our cleaning services, we are able to provide peace of mind to Mums and households and you help clear the minds of the many women who benefit from Mums Village, through the guidance and counselling services that you offer. How does this experience satisfy you? Oh wow! I never thought about it that way! A nice perspective, although I wouldn’t say I clear their minds, rather I provide information to help them make informed decisions. From that perspective, I am fulfilled when I see mums make informed choices based on their interactions with Mums Village. For example, a mum recently approached me on the street to tell me how helpful our Mums Village Show on education was for her, because it helped her figure out how to pick a kindergarten and exposed her to an innovative new school that just opened in
her area. This is the kind of positive outcomes my team and I live for!

5. What motivates you? I am generally a motivated person. I like to put my time into something meaningful that has great impact in my life and the life of others and when the results are positive, it spurs me all the more.

6. Do you enjoy reading books? If yes, which books are you reading now and would you like to share what they are about?
*Chuckles* Isis is THE ultimate Bookworm!! I kid you not! I can read 10 books at a go, dip my legs in a cold basin of water and read 10 more…lol!

If I had to pick one I feel is relevant to our conversation right now, it would be ‘What Works’ by Iris Bohnet. Not because we share a first name, it helps but not in the list of reasons. The book talks about issues that arise in the workplace due to various biases, mostly affecting women. I strongly recommend it to every person in management. Bohnet gives practical examples of pitfalls to avoid when recruiting, experiments to apply in any workplace from hiring decisions through senior leadership.

7. What does a bookworm I beg your pardon, what does Isis do for fun? C’mon now, we ARE just as much fun as a non-book lover- only As much as I am book reader, I also like to be out with nature..#LovingWhereYouLive aye?…*wink* and swimming.

8. What career path did you want to take as a child and why did that change?
Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. After meeting young Africans in business years later, I was greatly inspired by the possibility of building businesses IN Africa. I think it’s important to inspire children to dream and follow their passion and more importantly, guide the children on flexibility and having an open mind when choosing a career.Many job functions are quickly evolving in today’s world, and 75% of the jobs functions available today might not exist in the next couple of years.

9. Do you have a favourite radio station that you listen to? Ummmm! Do you really want to know what I listen to? I love listening to podcasts. I listen to podcasts that discuss a wide range of subjects. I look forward to the day when we have more podcasts produced in Kenya by Kenyans or by Africa on different topics such as education, passion for life and others.

10. Why Podcasts? Sounds like a very English/Western thing to do? Far from it, Podcasts are a great non-intrusive way to enrich one’s knowledge and understanding of a topic while driving, javing or even at the gym

11. Music? What genres? What sounds get you in the right mood? Any favorite artists? I would say I like to a lot of different kinds of music but lately I have been missing Whitney Houston so I am listening to her old songs a lot!

12. What would you say if your partner suggested that you share phone passwords? That’s a very funny question and I think most partners ask each other’s passwords – don’t they? No they don’t Ms. Isis, they crack em’ ok, okaaaay, I plead the fifth.

Thank you very much Isis for your time, we appreciate you taking the time out ma’am!

Well folks that’s it for now. Let’s meet again in the next ‘Get to know me’ Edition.

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Celebrating our own #WCW

Before Esther Wandia became the Executive Assistant to our Group CEO she was actually a fashion model. This githeri lover, enjoys karaoke and is also called wandiebandie! There is so much more to her. We caught up with her and she had a bit more to share;

DS: Describe Esther Wandia in three words?
Esther: Fun, Means-Business and Loves God beyond measure!
DS: Do you​  have a nickname? What was/is it?
Esther: Tata Dee/Wandee and a recently acquired one – wandibandies
DS: What is your favorite thing about your career?
Esther: I get to meet so many remarkably noteworthy people that greatly impact my life.
DS: Who is your most favorite person in the world and why?-
Esther: God, why? If you think about it, He IS everything, which in itself is super-fascinating
DS: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Esther: Githeri, and not because of the now famous #GitheriMan… I legit love Githeri!
DS: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Esther: Do NOT mix the blues with the reds… disorganization just kills it for me!
DS: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?-
Esther: Clone myself? I generally am a perfectionist and I like my work done well… delegating gives me the heebie jeebies so I would like to do all my work, on my own, by myself and on time! – is that even possible? lol!
DS: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Esther: This may sound cliché but having lived in Kenya all my life, I still would want to explore my beautiful country.. there’s so many places I read about that I need to take my partner in crime (my lovely daughter – Noni) on. So Kenya.. Brand Kenya need to take this as their cue to help me #TembeaKenya
DS: What’s the one special thing we don’t know about you?
Esther: I was an African Heritage model for 10 years
DS: What makes you really angry?
Esther: I’ll say it again… Disorganization breaks my heart, it really does.
DS: What song would you sing at Karaoke?
Esther: Wandering Stranger – Lionel Richie
DS: What kind of music do you jam to the most in the car?-
Esther: Praise and Worship anytime, any language! Doesn’t matter if I cannot understand what’s being said, as long as it’s worshiping Jesus, I’m game!
DS: Which would you rather do: wash dishes, feed the cows, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?
Esther: cooking? I know, I disorganized your list… but I love, Love, LOVE cooking!
DS: What favorite color are you and how does being that color make you feel?-
Esther: Green – all shades of it! I LOVE green, It just beings out the best in me! And brings out the color of my eyes too 😉
DS: What are the two top things on your bucket list?-
Esther: I’d leave all my cares to the Lord and travel around the world in 365 days and then come back and buy my daughter and I a 2017 Range Rover Sport to #TembeaKenya in…

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Message from Parapet CEO: I am proudly Kenyan

On Tuesday the 8th of August, 2017, I exercised the privilege I have as a Kenyan to vote and I am glad I did! In casting my vote, I had the chance to voice my opinion in what I deem to be a critical time for our future generations and more importantly I did this peacefully and in one accord with my fellow brother and sister.

As the CEO of an organization that employs over 4500 staff drawn from almost 43 tribes of this country, I can only stand proud and thank God for the far we have come as a nation. My staff, all very unique and specially placed, represent various ethnicities that each bring an essential component to the success of our organization – Parapet; without whom, we would not be where we are today almost 20 years later.

The General Election on Tuesday went without incident and as we peacefully await the results, I want to urge my fellow Kenyans to believe in our own power and take the lead in building peace in our communities. Kenya is a Country whose richness comes from the diversity of its cultures which bind us in spite of our tribal inhibitions.

Our differences in opinion are what bring out our special blend of diversity building a strong democracy and ultimately, achieve strong economic growth for our future generations.

I am proud to be Kenyan, proud to lead a vibrant, multi-ethnic, amazing team and I am confident that whatever the outcome of the Election, we will remain a peaceful, conscientious people.

”Natukae na Undugu
    Amani na Uhuru,
    Raha tupate na ustawi!”
Alex Nyaga – Group CEO Parapet

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Exercise your civil right with caution

Every five years, Kenya as a sovereign state, gets gripped by election fever from various political aspirants running for office and their supporters garnering support for them. Somehow, everyone seems to lose all sense of direction, caution and decorum. This year, things do not seem to be any different either. Even for the most level-headed individuals, it can be hard not to notice and sucked into the political chatter.

This year in Kenya, Tuesday 8th August, 2017 has been gazetted as a public holiday and all eligible voters are urged to go out and exercise their civil right and duty by voting for their preferred candidates.

At Parapet, we are optimistic that these elections will come and go without furore; and that there would be minimal if any, interruptions to business operations and livelihood for the citizens of this great nation.

Having said that, we want to share with you some guidelines on how to conduct yourself during this time;

  • Be mindful of the political conversations you engage in, even online. You might be misquoted and land in unnecessary trouble;
  • To know what queue to be on, please use to save on time – knowledge IS power;
  • On election day, follow the provided guidelines, vote with order and leave the polling station soon after;
  • Since we know that one’s preferred candidate is a personal right hence there no harm in keeping that information to yourself;
  • Limit movement. Especially, do not plan for travels around this time, for you own safety;
  • Stock up on food and other supplies in advance to ensure you’re not out and about trying to shop when suppliers have closed;
  • Respect other people and their choices, do not get into arguments over differing political stances;
  • Report any suspicious activities to the nearest authorities immediately.
    • In the event of emergencies, the government has provided various hotlines such as;

      • National police service: 112/ 999/ 911
      • National Disaster Operations Center: + 254 20 222 4324 or + 254 20 222 7980

      With this in mind, we wish you all peace, health and safety during this period.

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The Final Cog

Planning events is an exciting yet stressful affair. The planners and managers just want to get everything right. From the budgets to the date and time, to the guests, the theme, décor, all the details. When the event day arrives, it’s exciting to have everything fall into place, with a smoothly flowing program to boot. Every event planner knows the headiness of compliments for a job well done. The cheques thereafter make the deal even sweeter.

There is a flip side to it though. After all the good work, the celebrations and glamour, there is almost always no one to clean up after everybody goes home. Most event venues are left looking like a hot mess, with trash strewn all over the place and items in disarray. This is the Achilles heel of most event planners. They usually put everything in place and miss out on the final cog in the events wheel; events cleaning services.

Truth be told, whether celebrations are held indoors or outdoors, no matter the number of guests, nobody likes to stay back and clean up. People love to enjoy themselves and move on to the next function, no hard feelings.

This is why it is important for all event planners to include a clean-up plan during event planning. The aim is to use a clean venue and leave it as clean or even cleaner than it was before. Having an idea of who will take care of event cleaning duties makes all the difference in terms of quality of work for the event planners.

The cleaning company chosen for doing the events cleaning should ideally be able to;-

  • Clean the full site before the event
  • Do cleaning touch-ups during the event
  • Provide washroom and sanitary solutions
  • Provide garbage and waste management
  • Provide help/stewardship to the guests as needed
  • Clean the full site after the event

Having a plan or supplier for events cleaning gives any function a feeling of completeness and makes everything seem tight with no loose ends. Interestingly, event planners who are known for leaving the venues clean and tidy tend to find it easy to book venues and even get discounts from the proprietors as their reputations precede them.

Of course, while choosing the events cleaning supplier, it is important to consider their capacity, track record and cost. One of our bragging points as Parapet is that we’ve managed to hit that sweet spot that combines the three features for our clients. We have an amazing track record of cleaning events, with our most recently satisfied client being the IAAF Championships held at the Kasarani Stadium in July 2017.

We were in charge of cleaning the VIP areas, the media center, the bathrooms and toilets, the red carpet and track as well as the walkways, especially the ones with wooden floors. We were also in charge of cleaning the Athlete’s Village, the Athletes’ hostel that had a capacity of 2000 people, the dining areas as well as the outdoor areas in Kenyatta University where the athletes were lodging. We had an army of 500 cleaners on site and this capacity made it easy for us to divide roles and have everything running like clockwork to ensure high levels of hygiene and sanitation before, during and after the week-long event. For a 5-day event, we ensured that we set up three days before and tore down during the three days after, in order to ensure that we left the venues clean and tidy, even better than before we came in.

This definitely added value for us as the events cleaning supplier and the event planner, IAAF.

The small cogs in the wheel make all the difference for any machine to run smoothly and events cleaning is one such cog in planning for a successful event. Check out our services and give us a call. We will be sure to make your event sparkle as well as possibly make you the preferred event planner in your domain!

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