7 Places you are Likely to Overlook When Cleaning Your Home

7 Places you are Likely to Overlook When Cleaning Your Home

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There are certain places we are likely to overlook when cleaning our homes. It may not be intentional, maybe you are not tall enough, or there are items too heavy for you to move or it simply did not occur to you that such place should be cleaned as well. Here is a list of some places you should not overlook anymore when cleaning.

  1. Throw Pillows

Most of us know the importance of cleaning our bedroom pillows but we forget the stylish throw pillows on our sofas. As you use them to prop up your feet or rest your head, these pillows collect a lot of dirt. Remember to remove the pillow covers for regular laundering and to use vacuum upholstery attachment on the pillows. Maybe this weekend?


2. Overhead light fixtures

We love the decorative light fixtures on our ceilings but how often do we clean them? Most of us focus on the items that are in our line of sight, forgetting all the dust and bugs crawling up on these lights. We should give these items some attention too.


3. Handles, Knobs, and switches

Having in mind the number of dirty hands that grab door knobs, handles and switches one would think they are regularly disinfected, but these places are often overlooked. It is especially important to address these areas in the kitchen and bathroom. Let’s get on it.


4. Trash Can

After taking the trash out, most of us just replace the garbage bag and ignore the lingering foul odor from the trash can. A lot of bacteria makes its way to the trash can and it is important to give it a thorough scrub down regularly.


5. Remote Controls

We touch these devices a lot and they collect a lot germs and oily residue from our hands. It is important to wipe them with a disinfectant regularly especially if you have a toddler around the house.


6. House Plants

Indoor plants are the ultimate dust collectors in our homes. We focus more on watering these plants and often forget to wipe off the dust.


7. Wall Hangings

When carrying out our routine cleaning. It is important to clean our wall hangings as well since they collect a lot of dust.


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